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March 26, 2024

Evolution Stock Market Live Dealer Game: Review, Strategy, and Play Guide

Evolution Stock Market Live Dealer Game Overview

The Evolution Stock Market Live game offers a unique take on gambling, cleverly disguised as a stock market trading simulator. This game presents a fast-paced, coin-toss gamble dressed up in the sophisticated trappings of stock trading sessions.

Participants have the opportunity to forecast if a trading session will conclude above or below a specified stock's initial value.

Featuring live updates on stock values generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG), this game also supports automatic rebetting for expedited gameplay. Incorrect bets result in partial bet losses, and players have the option to "let their portfolio ride" until they decide to cash out, at which time a 1% commission is applied.

Distinct from crash games, Evolution Stock Market Live does not permit cash-outs mid-bet. The conclusion of the trade determines profit or loss, which can range from a decrease of 0.01 to a doubling of the bet.

The game boasts a Return to Player (RTP) of 99%, with the 1% commission factored in.

In our review, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide on how to engage with Stock Market Live effectively and discuss whether strategic gameplay can enhance your winning chances. We've also included a video review to offer a visual demonstration of our gameplay experience.

Evolution Stock Market Live: Key Features

✅ Provider Evolution Gaming
⏱ Release Date 2024-03-26
💲 RTP 98.99%
💰 Max winnings x10000.00
  • The RNG mechanism determines stock values and their directional movement.
  • Players place bets on the stock value’s movement — predicting either an increase or a decrease.
  • Successful predictions could yield up to double the bet amount, with possible outcomes ranging from 0.01 to 2x.
  • In the event of a loss, players forfeit only a fraction of the bet corresponding to the stock value's decline.
  • The game facilitates the cashing out of one’s “Portfolio” during betting phases for a 1% commission.
  • Despite its “Live!” designation, the game lacks live trading elements.
  • The game ensures a 99% RTP.
  • Essentially, it's an advanced iteration of a coin toss gamble.
  • The game is available in four different versions, varying by region.

How to Play the Evolution Stock Market Live Dealer Game?

Stock Market Evolution Live Casino

Gameplay unfolds in two stages: the Betting Time and the Trading Phase. Betting Time offers several options beyond placing a bet, detailed further below.

Initially, players must place their bets.

The aim is to accurately predict the stock value's direction during the Trading session — either an Upward or Downward movement.

Understanding Your Portfolio

Your Portfolio serves as a temporary holding area for your bet and any accrued wins or losses. If your Portfolio is empty, your bet is drawn from your main balance. Otherwise, your bet equals the total Portfolio balance.

Funds in the Portfolio are at stake in each game round until you opt to Cash Out, transferring them back to your main balance minus a 1% fee.

Betting Time Features

During Betting Time, players can:

  • Place a bet on Up or Down movements.
  • Transfer their bet to the opposite position.
  • Augment a bet spot with additional funds.
  • Cash out their Portfolio.

This phase lasts approximately 15 seconds.

The Trading Session Explained

This session determines if the "Stock" value will rise or fall from a starting point of zero, with fluctuations represented in percentage points ranging from -100% to +100%.

Calculating Wins and Losses

Your profit or loss is calculated based on the percentage change in stock value.

  • A correct Up bet with a 25% stock increase nets you 25% of your bet.
  • Conversely, an Up bet with a 25% stock decrease results in a 25% Portfolio value loss.
  • A Down bet on a 25% decrease boosts your Portfolio by 25%.
  • A Down bet on a 25% increase incurs a 25% loss in Portfolio value.

The Art of Cashing Out

Deciding when to cash out is a crucial aspect of the gameplay.

It’s essential to remember that this is a gambling game at its core, not an actual stock market simulation. Each bet you place is subject to the whims of the RNG engine, without any influence from market trends or insider knowledge. It’s essentially a 50-50 gamble, unlike real stock trading.

The primary advantage of keeping profits in your portfolio is to save on the 1% commission fee when withdrawing.

Cashing out is only possible during Betting Time by hitting the Cash Out button, which transfers the funds to your balance, minus a 1% commission.

Strategies and Tactics for Playing Stock Market Live

Let’s address some truths:

  • This is fundamentally a gambling game, not a simulation of stock market trading. It lacks real stocks and the dynamic monitoring of market trends that characterizes actual trading.
  • The game's promotional materials may suggest it emulates the high-stakes excitement felt by stock and crypto traders. However, the reality is far from it. Effective trading involves in-depth research, market monitoring, and timely decisions, none of which are applicable here.
  • With only two possible outcomes, UP or DOWN, it's akin to flipping a coin.
  • Avoid overcomplicating your approach. The RNG is calibrated to ensure a 99% RTP, meaning results will balance out over time. Although streaks of wins or losses may occur, aligning your bets with these can be beneficial.

AutoPlay Feature

With funds in your Portfolio, the game automatically places the entire amount on your last selected bet spot until the Portfolio is depleted.

The only way to halt this AutoPlay feature is to Cash Out from your Portfolio after each game round, allowing you to control the timing of your next bet.

Tracking Results and Statistics in Evolution Stock Market Live

One might expect a game like Stock Market Live to offer a history of past trades, showing whether the stock value increased or decreased and by how much.

Regrettably, Evolution has not incorporated this functionality. Therefore, if you were hoping to engage in “Trading” by analyzing past results before placing your bet, that option isn’t available. We believe this omission detracts from the game’s potential engagement and depth.

Payouts and RTP for Evolution Stock Market Live

Payouts in Stock Market Live are variable; correctly predicting the outcome can win you anywhere from 0.01 to 2x your bet.

Getting the prediction wrong means you'll lose between 0.01 – 2x your bet, correlating with the stock's direction.

For every 1% increase in stock value, you win 1% of your bet amount. Conversely, for every 1% decrease, you lose 1% of your bet.

The game's RTP stands firm at 99%.

Game Variants

Stock Market Live comes in four different flavors, each tailored to the regulatory environment of the player's country.

  • Version 1 features a live game host and automatic re-betting on the same bet spot. The game proceeds until the player decides to cash out their Portfolio.
  • Version 2 also includes a live host but does not automatically re-bet on the same spot. The Portfolio is cashed out automatically after each game round.
  • Version 3, without a game host, automatically re-wagers on the same bet spot, with the Portfolio being cashed out at the end of the game round.
  • Version 4 operates without a game host, with automatic bets placed on the same spot until the player opts to cash out.


Despite being an RNG-based game, Stock Market Live offers players a semblance of choice, akin to RNG table games like Dragon Tiger or Baccarat, where the bet is placed on one of two outcomes.

Instead of cards, bets are on the market movement of a fictional stock during the trade period. Each trade can result in a win or loss percentage of your bet, ranging from 0.01x to 2x.

Your profits and losses remain in a Portfolio until cashed out, risking the entire contents with each game round. This ingenious mechanism by Evolution taps into the inherent risk-reward psychology of players.

The game interface is stellar, yet we believe including a history of past results could enhance the gameplay experience significantly, allowing players to immerse themselves further into the world of trading, even if it's only an illusion.

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